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Besides wheel alignment services, you can also choose to get wheel balancing. Wheel balancing helps prevent vibrations in your vehicle. What's even more important to check in your vehicle are your brakes. Your braking equipment consists of hydraulics, which includes the master cylinder and brake lines, and friction materials, which are disc brake pads. We'll check all aspects of your brake system to ensure that you stay on the road safely.

All aspects are looked at

    •    Disc brake rotors and pads

    •    Calipers and hardware

    •    Brake drums and shoes

    •    Wheel cylinders

    •    Return springs

    •    Parking brake cables

    •    Hydraulic system

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Besides tires and brakes, you can also get excellent suspension system services. We'll look at your shocks, struts, and coil springs for a smoother drive. You should have your shocks, struts, and coil springs checked about once a year.