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Tires are important to your vehicle. Uneven tire wear can cause issues that require immediate assistance. Tires wear unevenly because right turns are harder on the vehicle and the front axle bears more weight. Tire rotations help tires wear evenly which extends the life of your tires. Ask our expert technicians or check your manual for the guidelines of rotation patterns. We also offer tire repairs. Check your tire pressure and tread every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. Reading your tires is easy to do and can save you money down the road. Look at tread depth to prevent future repairs that may or may not

be able to be fixed.

Our tire rotation services

    •    Checking tire pressure

    •    Inspecting tires for visible damage or wear patterns

    •    Following recommendations by manufacturer

    •    Installing lug nuts and bolts to proper torque specifications

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Wheel alignment is crucial. Bad alignment can cause drifting or tire blow-outs. If you notice steering problems, give us a call for computerized wheel alignment.

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